Should I Renovate or Should I Build New?

Should I Renovate or Should I Build New?

  • Karen E. Bail
  • 12/10/21

It’s safe to say that most of the world’s population loves the island of Hawai’i. With natural beauty that stands second to none, our island paradise is easily one of the most sought-after locales to make your home in all the world. Maybe you’ve also been hoping to make our island your next home—but what are the potential benefits and drawbacks of renovating an existing home versus building one from scratch?

Today we’ll explore both options to help give you a better idea as to which path might be best for you and your unique circumstances. Let’s go!

Renovating your home

Choosing to renovate is often a much quicker process than building from scratch and is also frequently more cost-effective as well. Your home remodel can be as narrow or as wide as would suit your purposes, from a single-room makeover to overhauling all your interior space and even building an addition, depending on your needs. Going the renovation route can hold a lot of appeal for those homeowners who want to preserve at least some of the overall structure of their dwelling, or for those who might be unable to afford or finance a costly build from the ground up. If your home already has an appealing set of bones, so to speak, then it might be best to simply roll up those sleeves and get to work on a renovation. 

On the downside, even the most thorough renovations can only do so much. If your home is in need of major repairs or has massive structural deficiencies, then no amount of renovation or remodeling is likely to help you. 

Building your home

On the other hand, nothing affords you the opportunity to construct the home of your dreams and bring a unique design to life quite like building a new home. From architectural stylings to room layouts, each step of the homebuilding process is open to your interpretation. Deciding to build a custom home can really allow your imagination to run wild with all the possibilities—if you’ve ever dreamed of taking the lead and putting your nose to the grindstone, building your own home might just be the best choice for you!

Conversely, as alluded to above, make no mistake that building a home can be a costly process—not to mention factoring in the potential work delays, permitting, and building material hassles. 

Ready to take the next step?

Are you on the fence as to what it could look like to build your very own home here on the Big Island? 

Wondering if your current home would benefit from an upgrade in order to make it shine? 

I’ve been helping locals and travelers alike discover their place on the island for decades now. Give me a call and let’s get going on turning your island dreams into a reality.

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